Redline Water Wetter helps cooling

Engine overheating problem solved by changing coolant type. Modern sports motorcycles are designed to travel fast and often get very hot when stuck in traffic. to assist in dropping the temperature we flushed the cooling system then refilled with distilled water and one bottle of Redline Water Wetter. Manufacturers are trying to keep bikes as light as possible so radiator and coolants are kept to the minimum the down side to us is when we use these great machines for commuting and get stuck in some traffic. 


aprilia-rsv4-coolingRedline Water Wetter is a product which replaces normal coolants. If your vehicle requires an anti freeze Glycol will need to be added,if you are not visiting the snow infested areas you dont need it.  if you are looking for cooling benefits this is definetly a great  advantage. Water Wetter protects all the different alloys and metals in modern engines and cooling systems.


How Water Wetter cools more efficiently is by breaking down the thickness of the cooling fluid and therefore  giving a greater surface area to transfer the heat from the hot engine to the coolant then from the coolant to the radiator to pass the heat out.